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 Shouten, Jinsei [Nukenin Among Grass] wIp

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PostSubject: Shouten, Jinsei [Nukenin Among Grass] wIp   Tue Feb 01, 2011 12:34 pm

Oni Hitoshirenu Okeru Kusa

"Death closes all: but something ere the end,
Some work of noble note, may yet be done,
Not unbecoming men that strove with Gods."
- Alfred Tennyson:- Ulysses

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PostSubject: Re: Shouten, Jinsei [Nukenin Among Grass] wIp   Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:53 am

Shouten, Jinsei.


Name: Shouten, Jinsei
Nickname: Jin
Age: 37
Gender: [M]

Appearance: Shantakai have recently undergone a outfit makeover, since their previous robes used to be black with golden and silver trimmings as opposed to the current robes that are black and grey, still keeping their symbol which is a black circle inside a ring that has another four hollow circles on it. This symbol is recognized as the Shantakai symbol and older shinobi would certainly recognize it. The robes that the Shantakai currently wear reach down to their ankles, which is actually separated around the legs to ensure movement isn't restricted. Female robes have a looser bottom in case they want to use their legs for some sort of seduction. The sleeves are quite long, not bothersome long but long enough to hide a wearers entire arm if they hadn't pulled their sleeves up or revealing their hands, this allows them to sneak in a quick projectile attack usually undetected. The collar of the quite high, most members usually use it to conceal their lower face a bit more and it helps provide warmth during harsh traveling conditions but the collar can easily be popped out. The robe itself is extremely durable and will not just burn away if caught on fire or struck by lightning, it can be cut through cut almost as easy as a normal coat, but its triple layered inside allows for a slight soften to a devastating blow, the cloak is in no way an armor however. These layers are warm up of grey wool which practically allows the robe to act as a blanket.

Personality: Jinsei is a cold bitter person filled with hate for everyone, but this is a result of the experiences life has handed him. His perverse smooth tone of voice makes people uneasy, this facade cloaks his truly sick and fickle nature. Jinsei enjoys toying with his enemies before he turns them into what he has nicknamed all humanity, 'Meat'. His psychotic nature is only truly shown in times of desperation, despite this Jinsei is a cunning and manipulative person. During battle his quick thinking and killer instinct make him a demon in combat. He also suppresses his feelings for fear, lacking any emotional attachments, past experiences or memory of previous life. It's because of this that he's paranoid, combined with his dreams of grandeur and meglamania, Jinsei can very often become extremely insecure. The fine line between genius and insanity is always blurry in this shinobi's eyes. Although on occasion his fragments of conscience cause him to act irrationally and without reason, Jinsei never lets it cloud his judgement during battle. He's both ruthless and efficient when dispatching his targets, especially when he's hungry. Although he does respect strength, power and mindless killing. It's because of this that Jinsei is the perfect hunter, relentlessly stalking his prey. Once he sets his eye on something or someone he'll do whatever it takes to satisfy his thurst for knowledge, power and 'Meat'. [Meat:- Once a Human, now a pile of blood and guts. Beaten into a mushy pulp and molded into a oval shape. Roasted over a fire or just eaten raw, depending on preference.]

Clan: Shouten Clan
Ninpō: 'There can be only one'.


Origin: Kusagakure no Sato
Affiliation: Shantakai
Rank: S-Rank Nukenin


Elemental Affinities:


Signature Jutsu: Jinteki Yasai no Jutsu [Human Vegetable Technique]

Special Characteristics:



Roleplay Sample:


General Jutsu Knowledge:

Unique Jutsu Knowledge:

Clan Jutsu Knowledge:

Summoning Contract:


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Shouten, Jinsei [Nukenin Among Grass] wIp
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