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 Mission Template

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PostSubject: Mission Template   Mission Template Icon_minitimeMon Mar 21, 2011 4:06 am

Missions are vital part to the ranking system here on Ultimate Shinobi and knowing how to go about participating in a mission is important. It is done here, in the administration building to make the roleplaying boards as inclusive as possible. Missions may be allocated automatically when your Kage or a member of the village council creates and assigns participants to these missions who should willingly accept, a mission can also be requested by simply private messaging one of these village leaders, just be sure not to nag them. If you ask them to create a mission for you they have the power to create the mission entirely, this includes its ranking and its objective. The ranking of a mission should correspond with the ranking of that ninja unless accompanied by a superior. For example, Genin should be allocated D-rank and C-rank missions, but may participate in a B-rank if a Jounin is accompanying them. Village Councilmen and Kage should be perceptive when assigning missions to ensure the user who requested it is satisfied, but do know there are D-ranked tasks that require completion and if you request a mission this way you have the risk of being assigning to missions like catching a lost pet or assisting a shopkeeper with some troublesome academy students. You can also create your own missions and get them approved by a councilmen or Kage, meaning you get to create your objective and mission yourself and an authority figure of your village will decide whether it is acceptable or not. All missions must be filled out with the template below.

Mission Name: What is the name of this mission?
Mission Rank: What is the rank of this mission?
Mission Location: Where is this mission located?
Mission Participants: Who has been assigned to this mission?
Primary Objective: What must be done to ensure your mission is considered to be successful, be sure to talk about the back story of the mission.
Secondary Objectives: Optional field, are there any other objectives that aren't as important but could be completed if the opportunity presents itself.

[b]Mission Name:[/b]
[b]Mission Rank: [/b]
[b]Mission Location:[/b]
[b]Mission Participants:[/b]
[b]Primary Objective:[/b]
[b]Secondary Objectives:[/b]

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PostSubject: Re: Mission Template   Mission Template Icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2011 9:02 pm

Mission Template Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQcPlx4Pj9IZ3nKXNwUnLBGVU5HALgkKcuPaossoVLchxy1L0qHuaMvVEQ
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Mission Template
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