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 Grass Country - Hidden Grass Village

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Kusa is a village famed for many things not least the valour of its ninja, its close ties to the natural world or its vast wealth. Though it is the hidden village of arguably the smallest Shinobi nation the vast fertility Kusa and its mineral resources has made it rich and it has risen to become a powerful player in imperial politics.

Kusan’s are considered somewhat odd by much of the Shinobi world, not because of their money but rather the strong ties to nature and outlook on life. Kusan’s are kind, generous and adaptable, traits rare in many Shinobi. They also unfortunately opinionated, somewhat unorthodox and can get more stubborn the stone if told what to do. Perhaps nothing better exhibits the contradictory nature then the fact though Kusan’s are on the whole very wealth most prefer muted colours and have no taste for the finer things in life. They also have a very strong link to nature and are raised from birth with an appreciation of both plant and animal life, many are even vegetarians. They make for expert trackers, spies and assassins capable of stalking without making a sound or hiding in plain site.

Kusagakure itself is a city in the traditional style most entirely of wood or bamboo hidden among the bamboo forests and tropical environs of Grass. It is a beautiful place, strangely calm and peaceful for a village of hired killers but this simply reflects the relaxed and thoughtful nature of its occupants. Plants are everywhere many towering above buildings and wild animals are common place and tolerated. Rather then walls the village is hidden from sight, difficult to find and protected by man eating plants and beast alike. Some of the buildings are carved from the plants themselves built into great living trees and there are bridges of vines that retract and bind one command. Kusa also has a great inland harbour for its river trading fleet who ply the rivers carrying its produce away and returning laden with gold.

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Once nothing more then a gathering of small villages located in the fertile valley and climbs of the Grass Country, Kusa was one time little more then a piece of forgotten paradise, its carefree and happy population living from one day to the next never living with regrets. Those merchants who frequented the area were awed by its wealth, both plant and mineral and generosity of its people. Tales spread and unfortunately for Kusa the greedy learned of this untouched paradise and sought to claim it for their own. At first the Kusan’s suffered the innocent used against them and they found themselves exploited and used. However what the bandits failed to consider was that beneath the smiles was people not only at one with nature but as tough as old roots and flexible as vine. They adapted fast, using their innate understanding of the environment to thwart the enemies and turn them back. They established bonds with the fearsome creatures that stalked there dense forests, learning to milk poison and read the winds. Kusa was the centre of this defence, a place of safety and soon swelled with those seeking peace and freedom from the oppression outside world. It become renowned not only as a centre of medicinal arts and the study of nature but as a city of fierce warriors, kind yet defiant against all those who would take from them.

Though the learned the world is a dark place beyond their borders the Kusan’s did not change their stripes. They remain carefree though now vigilant against those who would deny them their freedoms. When the opportunity to form a Shinobi village arose in the wake of the Treaty of the Shadowed Dawn Kusa was among the first lesser villages to make the transition and better insure the safety of its ever growing population.

Growth has its own problems and in Kusa it brought considerable internal strife. Kusans are a carefree, easy going and varied lot and though they all tend to share love of nature they are radical thinkers prone to virulent debate. Kusa has always suffered from internal disputes as the various factions riled one another up. The result was that as Kusa got richer and rich it certainly became given the raw wealth at the fingertips, the more impotent it grew. In spite of such entrenched disagreements Kusa never descended into civil war like its neighbour rain, a testament to the pragmatism and generally positive outlook of its people if not the unity of thought one might imagine.

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Kusa continued to grow and has had comparable strength to the any of the greater villages for almost two decades, even rivalling that of Konoha and Iwa. It’s Nin, seasoned in the wilds of Grass and beyond, are as skilled and numerous as best the Shinobi Empire has to offer and the village’s wealth has became legendary. Despite this Kusa was always the big village with the small ambition and never sought to use the power it had gain for its own profit, not least because Kusa’s cosmopolitan population could not agree on how to do so.

It may have remained in this state to this day, a wonderful village full of bright Nin but ultimately restrained by the own inability to come to an accord had it not been for two things. The first was the rebellion. Kusa famously could not agree with itself whether to answer the shogun’s call for aid or not and rather then respond argued amongst itself for the best part of 2 years by which the time the rebellion had come to end. Though by no means intentional, it still mocked today for its indecisiveness, it has meant that unlike other nations Kusa lost nothing leaving it a comparative military powerhouse. The second was the return of a Nin thought lost who has since achieved what many people deemed impossible, reconciled most of there villages outstanding differences and given them the drive to expand. Whether for good bad Kusa is nation rich in both money and manpower and eager to make its mark upon the world. The question is whether Kusa’s famously adapted and progressive society will claim all before them or once more fall foul to infighting and unconstructive debate.


Kusagakure is ruled and administered by it council of clan leader. The military however is under the control of its Kage, the Garsukage. She appoints all senior military positions, makes teams and shares other administrative functions with the rest of the council.


Anyone can become a Kusagakure Genin be making an appropriate character app. To make a Chuunin application or higher you need to acquire the consent of the Kusakage.


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Grass Country - Hidden Grass Village
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