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 Kurayami Heiki (Nukenin. W.I.P)

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PostSubject: Kurayami Heiki (Nukenin. W.I.P)   Kurayami Heiki (Nukenin. W.I.P) Icon_minitimeSun Feb 20, 2011 11:02 pm

Kurayami Heiki (Nukenin. W.I.P) Dante-devil-may-cry-anime-16697819-496-361

Kurayami, Heiki


Name: Kurayami Heiki
Nickname: The Polymath
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Appearance: He was one to never keep his appearance with the rest of his Kurayami brethren. While they ranged from long white hair or long black, Heiki has short white hair, an attribute he obtains from his mother who also had the same color hair as him. His grey blue eyes show a mixture of emotions that could range from calm to rage to emptiness and to sorrow. He has a very rugged appearance, have some stubble of hair around his chin and jaw line. This may be to due to the laziness he has with shaving properly.

Running on his back are assortments of tattoos, ranging from tribal of sand countries sealing arts, to the hidden underground shadow tattoos from earth country to the seals of unknown origin. They are separated in four quadrants. Two of which run along the shoulder blades and the upper part of the spinal cord while the other two quadrants lie upon the lower back and the lower region of the spinal cord. Whenever chakra runs through these seals, the seals will a) expand to the appropriate body part or b) glow which states its activity.

Standing at a mild five feet eleven inches, Heiki isn’t someone who would appear menacing to look at. He is oddly very muscular with extreme definition but with his usual attire of clothing which is usually loose and free moving, it is hard to tell. Because of his odd nature, he chooses sometimes not to wear shinobi boots and move only with his bare feet. He’ll sometimes walk and run with no boots to wear. When it comes to business (and depending on the type of formality) he’ll either wear a nice tailored suit or his custom shinobi attire.

Personality: A man who wished to acclaim the most out of everything; a man who dreamed of becoming a sage yet fallen short from the steps to enlightenment. Heiki draws his roots far from his teachings as one who wishes to perfect all things, to become the thing that no man could dream past. To take away those plateaus, crushing it with his fist and reaching beyond that. The ideal of the ‘sky is the limit” was too limiting to him and he wished to stretch his hand farther past and towards the stars itself. Heiki is a man who chooses the path of which seems impossible to take.

In a more basic standpoint, Heiki is one person that doesn’t seem to have a care on his shoulder. He is a person who wishes to take his time, think back a little bit, enjoy the peace he has; a laidback fellow with very few cares. He has this appearance where he sometimes just drifts off somewhere, his mind relaxing and his attitude towards life is something that is rather simplistic rather than the intricate and complex lifestyle in which he has partaken in. A few aspects make him very interesting and complex though it is simple from Heiki’s point of view. He may appear foolish and perhaps dumfounded by important task and conversations. The idea of being foolish may seem as an annoyance. Those who are close and understand him however well know that with that foolish comment lurks something of great wisdom. If one is able to pick up on this then one has Heiki’s respect.

His philosophy and intelligence also leads his mind to other questionable ideas. His questions about reality and dream, whether they coincide with one another makes him feel as though he is living in a dream. A dream within a dream or perhaps it is reality that falls short from such high places. Heiki is one to experience this from time to time.

He tries to have some positive influence within his own inner circle. To some, he may seem relaxed, perhaps too laidback; jovial in a sense that would put a white mark on black paper. If one wishes to live long, one must look at life and enjoy everything that comes with it, good or bad. Heiki puts this into his life and into his personality. The likes of him appearing cold and at times callous, he is, in honesty, a man who speaks the truth on some things An interesting personality if one who walks the path of death loves life. It is a matter of these two things that co-exist and Heiki is one to take both aspects of the universe and use it to further his ideals and goals. However twisted the major goal may be, he intends to put both life and death aspects into it.

To accomplish these goals, he must change his persona from time to time. A fitting persona for a man who only wishes to obtain what he needs rather than his wants. Ruthlessness and cunning; brutal and merciless. Woe for those who see this side of him and on the other end of his brutality, for it is like a powerful storm that ceases to end. When he has a goal in mind and wishes to succeed in it, he’ll do whatever it takes in order to achieve it, even it means pushing his mind, body and spirit to that said limit and beyond.

He laughs and taunts the faces of those who claim to be good and those who claim to evil for those who claim good has not seen true and pure light while those who speak of evil have never seen the true face of evil. Mocking them in their face and smiling while holding the true and full brutality of a god incarnate, Heiki is not one to be trifled with. The tick self may reveal that he is, indeed, that he can be very fearless. He walks through the valley of death without a second glance and he may as well insult the path has being too gloomy and perhaps needs more sunlight. This goes into saying that he has a confident attitude.

Ninpō:”I do not follow the path of darkness and death, nor will the worldly light consume me. I am a man who was pre-destined to survive so that the truth will spread throughout. Impossible you say? I’ve been one to break that threshold of impossibility.”


Origin: Kumogakure no sato
Rank: S-rank Missing nin

Dominant: Taijutsu

Recessive: Fuuinjutsu
Elemental Affinities:N/A
Signature Jutsu: Munshin no shin
Special Characteristics:


Prologue and Academy Arc

Genin Arc

Chunin and Jounin Arc


Meeting Kengen

Birth, Death, Revival.


Roleplay Sample:
Heiki sunk into the couch he laid across. Feeling the cushions not even hold his own bodyweight, he removed himself just as fast he lay down. He looked at it, grunted, then kicked it with the sole of his boot “Need a new couch” he said, though he had said this many times in the past about getting a new one, he just never had the time although that was a lie too.

The compound was empty today. Far beneath the deep snow and cold soil in snow country was an underground compound that, for better or worse, held the former whispers of an organization once lost and forgotten. The appeal it once had was gone now as the walls were a mixed color of earth orange and green that collided together. The floor gave way to cracks; some of the doors were almost off the hinges or completely off the hinge. The old rusted pipes reminded Heiki of what was once glamorous had fallen victim of time and forgetfulness. If Heiki wasn’t mistaken, the mess that was made was not from the organization but from someone who wanted to find the secrets of this place. Could’ve been raiders, local shinobi, and people from the old regime and they all turned up empty handed.

Heiki looked the couch and saw the wooden desk that use to hold one of the group member’s souvenirs. He jumped over the couch to look at the old desk. The legs underneath were broken off, caved in due to someone’s anger perhaps. Heiki’s foot bumps something that made a click sound. He looked down. He picked it up with his hands and examined it looking at the chalky color item that felt brittle in his fingers. If he wasn’t mistaken, this was a bone. It was a small bone, probably from a hand or a toe since it was small enough to fit in a hinge. Definitely the souvenir desk that held the bones eaten from the cannibal member. Heiki never really got too close, as far as former members were concern. He was the odd one, always chewing on something that didn’t look like any animal meat that he would eat. He remembered the desk smelling like a rotted butcher shop.

“This person had osteoporosis” he said, talking to no one in particular “Probably didn’t fill him up. Judging from these bones, the man was malnourished” he shrugged and threw the bone over his shoulder. He stood up and kicked the desk away from the spot, shattering when it hit the wall. He squats down and placed his hand on the tiled floor. His hand sunk into one of the tiles, in the middle of that tile was a seal with the kanji in the middle of that seal saying “door”. The ground shook underneath his feet. Heiki got up and walked back. The tile floor began to cave down, forming steps leading in the darkness. Heiki’s hands slid down his pockets and he stepped leisurely down the stairwell.

His eyes adjusted finally as he walked down the pathway. He stopped and turned his head at a particular part of the wall. He took out his hand and placed it against the wall. A circle formed around his hand and it glisten a mild purple. The path was then illuminated by dim white flames. It felt ridiculous why his sensei would put the seal close the middle when it would be simpler to put it by the steps. His sensei wasn’t a simple man by any means.


Jutsu, Weaponry, Items etc.

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Kurayami Heiki (Nukenin. W.I.P)
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