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 Takahashi, Azien [Kusa Chunin]

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PostSubject: Takahashi, Azien [Kusa Chunin]   Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:08 pm

Takahashi, Azien


Name: Takahashi, Azien.
Nickname: Azzy.
Age: Seventeen [17].
Gender: Male.

Azien is a stunning young fellow with beautiful skin and athletic body frame. He is quite small in comparison to most boys his age, being a height of 5'11 and weighting approximately 185lbs. His skin is cream colored with blush cheeks and subtle pink lips. There are no discrepancies in his skin whatsoever that would tarnish it's natural marble appearance. Azien inherited his fathers moon crescent eyes which are gray in color. They've been said to compliment his somewhat pale appearance and sport a wiser look. He has a small round nose and a square masculine jaw. Still transitioning through puberty he has grown noticeably facial hair on his attractive face that covers his jaw, upper lip and side burns; the full package. His hair is pure silver and is seen as a natural symbol of young beauty. It extends to ear length and is sported in flowing narrow spikes. Physically Azien is well framed and can be seen as highly athletic granted his good training regimens. Every muscle on his body is cut lean and curvy to equate to a slender and excellent build.

Being brought up in a somewhat tribal society such as Kusa, Azien possess various tattoos on his body which symbolizes both his kinship with nature and his people. On his face are three green markings that are on both his cheeks and one going down his chin. He also has a tattoo of three leaves on his left wrist and tribal markings on his left chest, all green in color to represent to evergreen lands of his country.

His uniform is quite average for a typical Kusa-Nin although he adds a mixture of his own design into the mix. Over his fishnet shirt is a long sleeved black shirt which extends a little pass wrist level. He wears a pair of neat black gloves as well which are covered in a armor like material which blends in with the glove. Over the shirt is a forest green traditional flat jacket with a high collar. He then wears calve length sweat pants which are met with bandages which go down his leg. Like most ninja, he wears a pair of black sandals. His most noticeably accessories however is his unique metal headband mask which covers the outline of his face. He occasionally wears a unique silver trench coat during cold weathers. On the coat is a lose fitted hood and his village symbol engraved on its back in green, a symbol of pride.

Azien although being young is very mature and level headed. However at times he can be very childish and let his motives be driven by his spicy enthusiasm, which often times makes him unpredictable. He tackles situations using his highly intelligent mind and always thinks things through to a positive outcome, at least for himself. His mind is a big melting pot of imagination and vivid perceptions, which makes him an extract and complicated thinker. This makes him fond of reading between the lines of people with communicating, and over analyzing nealy everything in his life. Talking to people wasn't something he was use to until recently with his more open personality, and so far he's rather enjoying it. Although still the quiet type as many of his peers claim him to be, he loves to hold casual conversations with his villagers and help anyway he can.

One of Aziens favorite things to do is clean his weapons by the edges of Kusa's rivers. Its a very spiritual place for him and he enjoys hearing the sounds of nature singing in his ears. He would usually prep himself near the water and take out a weapon of his, and gently rub it clean to crystal reflection. Another of Azien's favorite activities is socializing with his fellow comrades in the village restaurants. He always had a liking of public eating places with a friendly environment. Although with his love for restaurants he hardly ever orders food, but takes it more of a socializing event. He likes taking his teammates or superiors to restaurants to talk about nearly anything. He is very fond of the many waiters in Kusagakure, so much that he doesn't even need to tip them. His favorite food to order is a garden salad with fish sauce as dressing, which tends to weird most people out.

Azien's motives are seemingly undeveloped at the moment. He wants to be a famous world travel and meet all cultures of people and experience it all. For many years he has wanted to see the world, but due to being a Genin he was restricted to the confines of Kusagakure for the most part. Now a Chunin, he hopes to travel more often and have more freedom. Another big dream of his, is to one day be one of the greatest medics in his time. He has trained in medical ninjutsu since he was young, and the idea of being a specialist in the field means everything to him.

Clan: Takahashi Clan
Ninpō: "Live too your hearts content, and don't settle for less."


Origin: Kusagukure.
Affiliation: Kusagakure

Rank: Chūnin
Main: Eijutsu
Sub: Weaponry
Elemental Affinities:
Main Element: Raiton
Sub Element: Suiton
Signature Jutsu: [Poison Haze Kunai Technique]
Special Characteristics: N/A


Roleplay Sample:


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Elder Sage

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PostSubject: Re: Takahashi, Azien [Kusa Chunin]   Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:11 pm

Basic Jutsu




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Elder Sage

Elder Sage

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PostSubject: Re: Takahashi, Azien [Kusa Chunin]   Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:51 pm


Custom Weapons

Masutā no Buki Sukurōru



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PostSubject: Re: Takahashi, Azien [Kusa Chunin]   Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:09 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Takahashi, Azien [Kusa Chunin]   

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Takahashi, Azien [Kusa Chunin]
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