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 Uchiha, Suzumi. {Nukenin; WiP}

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Uchiha, Suzumi. {Nukenin; WiP} Empty
PostSubject: Uchiha, Suzumi. {Nukenin; WiP}   Uchiha, Suzumi. {Nukenin; WiP} Icon_minitimeSun Feb 27, 2011 12:05 am

Uchiha, Suzumi. {Nukenin; WiP} 129297057037022-cw

◘ The selfish blood runs through my viens ◘
◘ I gave up everything for fame ◘
◘ I am the lie that you adore ◘


Name: Uchiha, Suzumi (Pronounced: Sue Zoo Me).
Age: 26.
Gender: Female.

Suzumi has the unhealthy mentality that she must be the absolute best or else she will be forgotten. Whether she is “bad” or whether she is “good”; she must be remembered and known. She cannot afford to be overlooked or ignored as she was when she was a child, thus the idea of being the very best seems like a very good way to avoid this. What she must be the best at is unclear, but it is to be assumed that she will attempt to triumph in damn near anything. While all her striving may seem like a positive trait, it really is on quite the obsessive level- so much that it can cause harm to herself; emotionally and psychically. Obviously, she is very fixated on herself- more specifically “improving” herself- and has become selfish over time.

Family is a taboo subject with her. It triggers various memories from her childhood of not being worthy enough of affection and can send her into a temporary downward spiral. Provoking her upon the subject can cause her to easily snap. It’s definitely a delicate topic to say the least. As another part of her “not good enough, unloved and being forgotten” ordeal, Suzumi could be classified with having “monophobia”; an abnormal fear of being alone. If she is alone no one can acknowledge her existence or improvement. Not being acknowledged is being forgotten. Being forgotten cannot be permitted. That’s how this young woman sees it as, anyways. Should someone begin to leave her or should she expect she is about to become alone, an immediate panic rushes through her. However, she attempts to mask her panicked state and any symptoms that come with it; never speaking of her phobia, either.

During the limited times she is not too preoccupied with finding a way to “improve” herself or keeping herself from becoming alone; Suzumi acts rather serene and pensive. She does not shun socializing and doesn’t mind crowded or busy places. The young woman just so happens to enjoy fortune telling or anything similar, games involving cards, and jewelry. She dislikes cold weather.



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Uchiha, Suzumi. {Nukenin; WiP}
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