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 How To: Discuss Manga and Anime

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PostSubject: How To: Discuss Manga and Anime   Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:41 pm

Welcome to the Manga and Anime Corner of the General Discussions board. Let me be the first to warn you of the spoilers that this topic will contain, in most likely every topic. Here you are allowed to speak about whatever Manga and Anime you feel like, as long as it's considered appropriate, so nothing close to Hentai please. We would recommend that most discussions are Naruto related but you aren't restricted to it. Topics that will mainly be found here will be discussions of the newest Naruto Anime Episodes and Manga Chapters as well as possible theories, dream fights etc. You aren't really required to put a spoiler tag in your topic title since people should understand that a lot of these topics will contain spoilers anyway, but make sure you title it as simple and appropriate as possible, for example. Naruto Chapter 511 or Naruto Shippuden Episode 194. No need to add anything additional to a title, keep it clean.

Speaking of keeping things clean, all conversations should be as respectfully discussed as possible. Filter yourself when speaking, behave yourself, don't trash other peoples insults or theories. Everybody has a different perspective on a manga or anime and therefore has a different opinion or theory. Having a different opinion to you does not make them stupid, so don't treat them like they are stupid. Like the whole General Discussion area this place is for fun and involvement of a community. So don't abuse the privileges you receive with sections like this.
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How To: Discuss Manga and Anime
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