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 How To: Blog on US

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PostSubject: How To: Blog on US   Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:21 pm

This section will bring smiles to a few peoples faces as it was requested and voted for on Ultimate Shinobi 2.0, although it didn't get the majority I think we might see more and more people trying it out. This topic is to let you know your limitations when it comes to blogging on Ultimate Shinobi. We aren't overly restricting but some things need to be brought into perspective. Everything in Ultimate Shinobi's Law applies for our blogging section and we would appreciate if you did your best to avoid expressing your opinions on races, genders, politics etc. if it is being done so in a hateful or offensive way. We hope your blogging can remain as clean as possible, it is supposed to be a fun place, though we understand some people will use it as an outlet just don't push the boundaries or your topic will be deleted and you will receive a warning, if it progresses you will have your blogging privileges revoked.

On Ultimate Shinobi we ask that your blogging types are Personal Blogging as opposed other types of blogging, especially video blogging. We plead that your blogs remain as positive as possible, I don't mean to sound nasty but not too many people will be too keen to read about your problems. The blogging corner isn't here for you to score sympathy, it is here for you to share your adventures with the community.

People are permitted to reply to your blog, so if you cannot handle criticism do not blog, however the criticism should not be hateful or offensive or the creator of these messages will undergo the same process as a hateful/offensive blogger. Just show each other respect! How you write up your blog is not overly limiting, make it neat though. There is no length requirement, though we ask you date your blogs appropriately. Every time you have something new to blog about we suggest you make a new topic to post it instead of continuing it in one long topic, merely because it may get confusing with various comments scattered throughout your actual blogs.

Most importantly, try to have fun. If you want to be a religious blogger try to set a date maybe once a week, fortnight or month where you are going to right up a blog, do not blog everyday because nobody is really that interesting and that should be time spent roleplaying, right guys?!
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How To: Blog on US
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