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長老 Elder Sage セージ

The Man behind the Ninja

Name: McGee, Demetrius.
Nicknames: Dee, Demetri, Deme
Age: Eighteen.
Date of Birth: December 2nd, 1992.
Location: Delaware.
Ethnicity: African American.
Zodiac: Sagittarius.
Commonly Labeled: Alternative Kid, Quiet, Smart.

My History on Ultimate Shinobi

My journey first started when my spark for writing found salvation in the arms of Naruto, one of my favorite animes. I loved nearly everything about the series, the powers, the people, the villages, so I decided to join a rpg after doing some online research. My very first Naruto RPG would be the famed Ingoo which is what I call the 'orginal spot' of naruto rpg'ers. It was a very marvelous experience role-playing there, well somewhat. During that time ingoo was just started out almost, it had a substantial member base and a few staff members. The first character I made was a young male academy student whose ranking thought suited me because of my lack of experience in the rpg universe. For about two months I was in the academy, and my roleplaying skills did improve, but not from the rolling-stone teacher I had. It was from myself, I was already a decent writer and a good role player, which shown through as I got comfortable with the system. It was exam day in the academy which decided who would graduate which was primarily based off both fighting and role play skills. Me and eight other members started to exam and the first person had passed with a four day long fight. After that one the Jounin went afk, permanently, and no other staff member would take to time to graduate us. So eventually everything fell and I left soon afterward that while spamming the spam section for a tad bit, heh.

A few months later I visited the sites advertisement section and stumbled across a thread titled Ultimate Shinobi, which immediately took my attention. I clicked on it, read the info, and immediately joined the site., where my here officially began. U.S. 1.0 (the beginning) was very friendly based and fresh, something that I was looking for. I was introduced to the original members, such as Pat, Adam, WTFlash, FallenAngel and possibly a few other well known Admins. I created my first character there which was a Suna Jounin, who specialized in puppetry and medical ninjutsu. For a few months I roleplayed in my little suna environment which was pretty fun, however it was only me and the Kazekage at the time. Eventually the Kazekage had left, which made me the only Suna nin on the site. I myself left the site for a bit and came back a few months later, where I became Kazekage. For about a year or so I continued to due my duties, and had an awesome experience.

I left once again and came back to the newer version of U.S. 2.0 which at first caught me by surprise. I initially wanted a fresh start on the U.S. universe so I kept my identity secret from staff. However a few admins knew who I was because of my IP address so that didn't last long. During that time I went under both the username and character name "Kinu" which was a more chipper alter-ego of mine. During my time as Kinu I befriended a lot of new members and felt part of the family once again. Because of my moderation experience and skills I eventually got promoted to moderator. Few months later the Chuunin Exams had approached where me and a few other genin joined. After much trial and fighting, I eventually won the CE's which was a great accomplishment of mine RP wise. During the final days of the CE's the site was undergoing a update and thus so eveything was slowed. I was a bit befundled by this until I was informed by Adam about the production of U.S. 2.5. He migrated me over to the new version of the site where I got assigned my duties of updating canon clans, special characteristics, and even creating the bijuu.


Bike Riding
One thing that I love to do is bike ride. It is an amazing feeling to go outside and ride your back on a nice breezy day. I have been bike riding since I was seven, and I'm able to perform various tricks and stunts. Because of my terrible trait of listening to my ipod while riding my bike, there have been numerous occasions when I almost got ran over. Currently my bike is broken and I'm getting a new one in a few months hopefully. So for right now I'm consoling my addiction by walking. It isn't the same high as moving a high speeds on a bike, but its something I suppose.

I volunteer at the hospital during the weekends which has been an amazing experience but I also have had some embarrassing moments of course. I have been volunteering for about two years and I'm just starting to learn the ropes about everything even to this day. I work in the ER department where I help people who are really sick or have recently been in a accident. It weights your heart from time to time but eventually you get use to it I suppose. One of my most embarrassing moments in life was actually when I was volunteering. I accidentally went into a ER room thinking that it was empty (the sign was off) so I went in there with my cart of linen and bam; old man peeing in a urinal. I was like o...m...g.. and he just looked at me with a blank stare. I left afterward and signed off early, oh goodness.

School Life
I'm currently a senior in my highschool, I don't know if it counts as an activity but it is something I do most of my week days. In honesty I don't really like my school, being a black young man from Philadelphia and coming to a very rural country area you can kinda figure. Don't get me wrong I have made many friends down in Delaware and have very golden memories, but I'm a city boy at heart and I miss my traffic jams numerous malls. By anywho, I'm a good student with a 3.3 GPA. I tend to be quiet at times because I almost have nothing in common with my peers, but I am always friendly. I don't party(hard), nor drink or smoke. I try to stay healthy as possible because I believe a good life is a healthy life, no matter how cheesy it sounds. Anywho I currently have a nursing scholarship which I plan to use for my nursing degree, and plan on going to a university in my home state.

Ultimate Shinobi
Of course, one of my activities would be visiting Ultimate Shinobi and having a bit of fun. Seeing as how I left this site twice and always came back shows that I have a affinity for this place (lol). I love to roleplay with my characters and most of all train in rp. Writing it such a good way to release your imagination which I take full advantage of. I tend to do a lot of missions and even spar from time to time. I come on chatbox occasionally for some leisure time. I'm usually on U.S. a few hours before I go to bed, but I frequently pop on during the day since I always have my computer running.

Interesting Facts About (Elder Sage)

An interesting fact about me is that nearly all of my characters have specialized in medical ninjutsu. Medical Jutsu has been my favorite form of ninjutsu ever since seeing it performed in the naruto series. I may favor it because I want to be a nurse, and having a form of ninjutsu focused on healing suites me which I guess is why I like it so much.

Another interesting thing about is that I when quoting someone in IC I always color code them. This has become more common over the years but I've been doing it since I first started role playing years ago. I personally cannot manage reading a quote without having it colored in some sort of way, it brings more 'voice' to a character, plus its easier to read. My favorite colors to code quotes are olive and green.


Favourite Color: Green
Favourite Food: Soft Shelled Taco
Favourite Drink: Strawberry Milkshake
Favourite Film: Salt.
Favourite Book: "The Key"
Favourite Author: J.K Rowling.
Favourite Musician: Tim Berg
Favourite Band: Dance Gavin Dance
Favourite Song: FucKin Perfect P!nk
Favourite Animal: Panther
Favourite Actor: Johnny Dep.. maybe
Favourite Actress: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Favourite Quote: "If the grass is greener on the other side, expect a higher waterbill". -Unknown Author
Favourite Male Naruto Character: Sasuke Uchiha
Favourite Fremale Naruto Character: Sakura Haruno
Favourite Jutsu: Lightning Style: Running Wild
Favourite Naruto Villian: Madara Uchiha
Favourite Naruto Couple: Hinata and Naruto

So now you know some things about me and my little ole life : )

Elder Sage Chuunin

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U.S Moderator and Honorary Member
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