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Countdown to Launch of US 2.5
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     Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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    PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ   Sat Feb 12, 2011 10:19 pm

    Q: Why did you guys go from 2.0 to 2.5?
    A: Ultimate Shinobi 2.0 was originally being created to wipe out all flaws we possibly could before opening up the site, unfortunately a few things made us hurry along the process of that project such as my computer problems that made me inactive, me being Adam. Not the mention all the restless members. Being of the inactivity of myself I couldn't contribute and change certain things that I originally wanted to. Over the top updates with an active member base would have only created more confusion, so now we finally took action.

    Q: Can I transfer my archived character to this new revamp?
    A: If it you get permission then yes, absolutely. You will have to note that the majority of people will be required to start as Genin however and the village exchange means altercations will have to be made. Everything will require remodding and altering on your part too, we do encourage everybody to make new characters, but we do not burden those who transfer, whatever you are most comfortable with.

    Q: Can I play as a character from Naruto? Like Sasuke or Kakashi?
    A: No, you may not. We base things on this forum off of the Naruto world, but otherwise, any storyline or characters are all fanmade and have nothing to do with the canon characters or canon storyline. Besides, don't you want to use your own creativity and not a character Masashi Kishimoto has created?

    Q: Why hasn't my application been checked yet?
    A: First, make sure that you don't have the "[WIP]" Tag on your application anymore, as moderators will overlook applications with that. Second, Moderators have lives too, and it may take more than a few hours to get your application looked at. you may bump your application every 2 days, and if it hasn't been looked at after 2 bumps (96 hours) you may message an Administrator or Moderator about it.

    Q: Do I have to read the rules and guides?
    A: No, you do not have to read the rules and guides. However, not reading the rules could get you in trouble and just because you didn’t read the rules and didn’t know does not give you an excuse. The guides are there should you need some assistance, so those are not as important and you may skip over them if you don’t need the help.

    Q: Can I have a second character/account?
    A: No, you may not. Unless we’re allowing second characters or you somehow have explicit permission from more than one admin; you may not have a second character or account. However, you are permitted to have a “NPC” participate in your topic that you control along with your character.

    Q: I don’t like my character, can I start over?
    A: Well, you can start over by somehow killing your character off. Before you jump to that though, maybe there is a way to add some ‘oomph’ to your character. You could always try plotting with other characters like finding a love interest or perhaps making a rival. Maybe go on a hunt for your long lost family heirlooms or something alike? There are many possibilities. It’s encouraged of you to keep your character and use your creativity to add interesting events in their life.

    Q: How do I increase my chakra capacity?
    A: By getting a promotion in rank. At Ultimate Shinobi we have a system of how to do so found here. Each rank requires a various amount of points (ranking and mission points for ninja; reputation points for missing ninja) in order to achieve said rank. You must participate in roleplay topics- a fair amount too, not just one or two.

    Q: I have a problem with something that happened in a roleplay, who do I talk to about it?
    A: If you believe that your opponent made an illicit move, you should first talk to him about it and try and solve it amongst yourselves. If this proves impossible, talk to an Administrator or Moderator about the problem, who will resolve it.

    Q: Can all my topics be private?
    A: Yes, they may should you label your topic correctly. The only exceptions are if you’re escaping a village to become a missing-ninja or entering a village playing as a missing ninja, then they must be public.

    Q: How do I change my font/size?
    A: When you make a post, there should be a bunch of buttons at the top above the big white box you can write in. By clicking the “Font” button next to the “Color” button, you may see the available fonts. By clicking the “Font size” which is also next to the “Color” button, you may see the available sizes. Make sure the codes surround the writing like this-
    [font=Georgia]WORDS WORDS[/font] or [size=18]WORDS WORDS[/size]

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    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
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