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 Hi, I'm Aaron.

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Hi, I'm Aaron. Empty
PostSubject: Hi, I'm Aaron.   Hi, I'm Aaron. Icon_minitimeSun Feb 06, 2011 7:45 am

Personal Information:

Name: Aaron John Chapman.
Nicknames: Chappers, Azza.
Date of Birth: 23rd of August, 1996.
Gender: Male.
Nationality: English.
Origin: England.
Age: Fourteen.
Zodiac Sign: Leo.

Journey of Roleplaying:

I first found out about Naruto 3 years ago from a friend in the village where I live, called Jamie. He told me about Naruto and I checked out the anime and got hooked on it. After watching several episodes, from what I saw, it looked like good roleplaying material. I'd already had some roleplaying experience on the RuneScape forums from the year before, when I was hooked on that. Oh, the hobbies we drive through when we're kids. So, I searched "naruto roleplaying" into Google and one of the results I found was Ingoo. I registered up there under the name of "Hinaro", a mixture of Hinata and Naruto's names, as they were my favourite pairing of the two and at the time, I was very into shipping, considering I watched a lot of the shipping videos on YouTube for Naruto and Yu-Gi-oh GX, where my favourite couple was Judai x Johan (Jaden x Jessie). After registering up to Ingoo, I already knew my way around a forum like the back of my hand, having grown up on them since I was 9 or 10. I slowly wormed my way into the community, making friends with users such as Yoshirou, Angel Mitsukai, and surprisingly, our one and only, Hage. After a few months on ingoo, I found out about a conflict going on between Ingoo and Ultimate Shinobi. Since I'd seen the friction that was happening in Ingoo on it's own, I decided to check out it's competition and see what Ultimate Shinobi was like. I registered up and Ingoo soon became nothing but a mere memory. I found Ultimate Shinobi to be a much kinder environment to newcomers such as myself and I even saw a few familiar faces which made me feel a little more comfortable around the forum. Slowly but surely, I made my way into the community, much further than I had ever gotten with Ingoo. Not too long after, I got a chance to become a moderator, which was amazing. I gladly accepted. However, my laptop was broken and I couldn't get any decent amount of internet access, plus the fact I was juggling admin'ing a forum with 50,000+ members, alone, considering the Head Admin was away. I was removed from the staff team, but I thanked them for their time and giving me the opportunity. Once my laptop was fixed, I came back to Ultimate Shinobi and I was welcomed back with open arms. I picked up where I had left off, but soon found out about a project called Ultimate Shinobi 2.0. Like the rest of the members, I was eager to find out what it was and I stayed online all day of the release date, to join the site and start making my character immediately. I made my Konoha Chuunin and again, not long after, I was offered a moderator position. Again, I gladly accepted, but this time, I didn't make the mistake of going inactive, considerinf the other forum I was admin'ing had died, because the Head Admin was gone without real reason. I concentrated my efforts into Ultimate Shinobi 2.0 and still do to this day, albeit it is diificult at times due to the fact I'm a growing teenager with real-life interests I have to juggle with my internet interests, such as Social Networking and other things, which sometimes I can find hard to juggle with my roleplaying. I'm very glad to be part of this community, but I'm not exactly one of those people who is known across the Naruto Roleplaying genre intirely. If you ask anyone on Naruto's Way Of The Ninja 3.0 or Ingoo who I am, they probably won't know. Take someone like Adam, for example, they probably will. But I don't mind that fact, because I feel I am dedicated to Ultimate Shinobi and Ultimate Shinobi alone. There have been other sites along the way, but I just know, this is the one. All the other sites just haven't been able to hold my interest, but with Ultimate Shinobi, I never lost it. So here's the the future. Cheers.


Favourite Colour: Purple.
Favourite Food: Pasta Bake.
Favourite Drink: Lychee Juice.
Favourite Film: Salt.
Favourite Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Favourite Author: J.K Rowling.
Favourite Musician: Katy Perry.
Favourite Band: All Time Low.
Favourite Album: Loud - Rihanna.
Favourite Song: Set The Fire To The Third Bar - Snow Patrol (feat. Martha Wainright).
Favourite Animal: Dog.
Favourite Actor: Rupert Grint.
Favourite Actress: Emma Watson.
Favourite Quote: "You got enemies? Good. That means you stuck up for something." - Eminem.
Favourite Video Game: Final Fantasy XIII.
Favourite Naruto Character (Male): Shikamaru.
Favourite Naruto Character (Female): Hinata.
Favourite Naruto Couple: Naruto & Hinata.
Favourite Naruto Couple (Heterosexual): Naruto & Hinata.
Favourite Naruto Couple (Yaoi): Naruto & Sasuke.
Favourite Naruto Couple (Yuri): Sakura & Ino.
Favourite Akatsuki Member: Itachi.
Favourite Akatsuki Pairing: Kazaku and Hidan.
Favourite Kage: Tsunade.
Favourite ANBU: Inoichi.
Favourite Jounin: Kakashi.
Favourite Chuunin: Shikamaru.
Favourite Genin: Naruto.
Favourite Academy Student: Moegi.

General Interests:

Roleplaying: Obviously, roleplaying is one of my major interests in life. Ever since I've found it, I've never really left it. Of course, there are times when I just can't be bothered with it, but I've always come back. I think it's just a matter of inspiration, in my opinion. I have been roleplaying for around 4 years, but only Naruto roleplaying for just over 2 and a half years.

Playing Video Games: I've always had an addiction to video games, ever since I was a young boy. I've grown up around them. They've influenced my life. I remember my first console being the MegaDrive. I'm now on Xbox360. My gamertag is Chappers213, if any of you fancy adding me. If you do, just make sure you include your name on the forum, or else I probably won't know who you are and accept.

Reading: I love reading. I hate it when people say a film is better than a book or that books are pointless because of films, because this is genuinely not the case. Until you've probably sat down and read a book, you don't know. Books can take you away from reality and help you escape into a world which is much better than ours. There are so many good books out there for us to read and inspirational authors for us to aspire to be like.

Watching Films: I don't get around to watching films as much as I'd like, but I watch at least one a week, maybe two or three if I'm lucky. I have Movie Night Monday with my friends in the village every week and we usually end up watching a horror, but it's good fun. Films are great, although, like I mentioned before, usually not as good as books.

Hanging out with Friends: My friends are my life. I love hanging out with them, at school and out of it. Some people on Ultimate Shinobi, I consider my friends, so I love hanging out with them in the chatbox. But generally, my whole life revolves around my friends, right now.

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Hi, I'm Aaron.
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