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 Earth Country - Hidden Rock Village

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Earth Country - Hidden Rock Village Iwa_110



The Hidden Rock Village is a very traditional nation, believing such things like respect is earned through age, therefore will usually have old Tsuchikages, since age means experience in their opinions. Most of the higher ranked shinobi in the village will not having issues disciplining younger shinobi who disobey this 'rule' of respect. They are not a primitive nation however, just very old fashioned in how they operate, adopting a ruthless attitude in battle and obeying their Tsuchikages orders without hesitation, even if it means death. This cut-throat attitude is what is believed to fuel their military's strength, along with their massive population which makes them an extremely overwhelming force. The rule of the Tsuchikage can often be seen as harsh, but usually will act very fair in most decisions, because Iwagakure is the type of nation that could overthrow a ruler if they are not doing their job correctly. However, the Rock Village has recently has overtime developed an extremely stable economy. Due to their village being hidden among mountains of rocks, and their buildings even being sculpted from these rocks creating many large earthen structures. The village is high off the ground, though people can travel on the ground floor and enter buildings from the bottom, most prefer to travel on the upper levels of the village, which can be traveled across from large stone bridges along with little man-made ones. In the eastern corner of the village floor, they discovered a small hole which they dug into leading to a cave, which was eventually developed into a mine after exploration since the sources it provided such as gold, iron and coal.

Chuunin and Jounin of Iwagakure can often be found in the common uniform of their nation which consists a sleeveless brownish reddish plate, front and back with two straps that hug the shoulders, usually complementing this with a decent sized pouch at their stomach to substitute the lack of pouches on the jacket itself. Most shinobi of Iwagakure also wear a black undershirt that often will lack a sleeve on one side, though some variations will have both sleeves, and the rare few ninja will have no sleeves. Various garments and formal wear of Iwagakure is very loose and has a rich like quality that makes them look like well presented residents of their village.

Although the Tsuchikage is the one holding all the power in the Rock Village, the Tsuchikage will often have a small handful of subordinates who are recognized around the village as leaders as well. These ninja are known to be some of the villages top Jounin, as well as some of the most loyal and wise ones, who possess as much love for their nation as their Tsuchikage. The village isn't really a village really run by a government as everybody in the Rock Village shares mutual respects, although much like their surroundings they are rough around the edges and will often speak in slanderous tones to comrades for acting foolish. Idiot and Fool are common terms used especially with the elder shinobi who refer to many of the younger shinobi as these. Iwagakure is known as an extremely competitive nation but will not make drastic moves to put themselves ahead if it means distancing relationships with fellow nations. Iwagakure doesn't have any true alliances besides Sunagakure, they do however have mutual alliances with a few minor nations like the lands of Grass, Rain and Stone.


Iwagakure no Sato was one of the first shinobi villages established when the shinobi world finally stopped being aligned as individual clan territories and formed proper villages. Of course their early establishment meant immediate increasing numbers as clans began seeking a proper home with the village which was appropriately named the Hidden Rock Village. As villages began forming all over the land, five of them truly stuck out, as they were the most powerful and most populated villages of them all. Iwagakure was one of these five, each residing in the largest countries, Earth Country was the home of the Rock Village. The lands of Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning and Earth were shortly named The Five Great Shinobi Countries. Each village receiving the title of Kage, the Kage of Iwagakure was called the Tsuchikage who was decided by the majority of the village to be Kamizuki, Kushimaru. Kushimaru certainly the strongest shinobi of Iwagakure and one of the strongest shinobi of his time. Kushimaru was responsible for the villages early stability working alongside all the other village men as if they were all equals as they began forming the earthen structures from the mountains and rocky pillars in the canyon they called Iwagakure. As the fighting of the shinobi world settled, so did the villages as they all grew in stability, until conflicts were once again ignited again, as Iwagakure struggled with their relations towards Kumogakure and Kirigakure. No war would occur but battles none the less, it was shortly dealt with when the Tsuchikage himself went and spoke to the Mizukage and Raikage, settling the drama in the meantime. Events occurred over the years but Kushimaru seemed to handle them quite well for quite a long time.

Decades passed as Kushimaru would age significantly, not quite an elder yet but he had passed his glory years, and entered his golden years, now aged in his late fifties. Knowing his time as Tsuchikage would soon come to an end due to the newer generations surpassing him in skill, Kushimaru would soon find an apprentice named Utatane, Tanzou. A young Jounin had the strength and the heart it took to be Tsuchikage, just not the complete wisdom. Over the years, Kushimaru would train his new apprentice, pushing his limits as Tanzou managed to pull himself through no matter what difficult task Kushimaru put before him. Proving to be extremely worthy to replace Kushimaru in his retirement the day soon came as Tanzou at the age of twenty-four became Tsuchikage of the Hidden Rock Village. Kushimaru still acted as a council member over the reign of Tanzou as the young Kage continued where his predecessor had finished, continuing to increase Iwagakure's economy and population. It took another two decades for war to finally surface, in these two decades Kushimaru grew ill and could not assist Iwagakure in battle against Kumogakure, he acted as an experienced strategist back in the Rock Village as hundreds of thousands of shinobi rushed to battle, as both sides had large numbers of causalities over time. The war lasted almost two whole years. During this time, Kushimaru finally passed on and was buried at a classified location. With the death of his sensei Tanzou got a little emotional and vowed to end the war no matter what, and he did exactly that when he faced the Raikage in battle, taking each others lives after a long enduring battle of the ages. The Second Tsuchikage was buried with his sensei in a classified location as a new candidate was selected.

Earth Country - Hidden Rock Village Iwa_pe10

Both nations Kumo and Iwa were left in a hiatus as they lacked proper leadership until new Kages were chosen. Soon the candidate of Iwagakure was given the position, a man of twenty-seven years of age named Obutsu, Mikoto. Mikoto was the master of a Kekkei Genkai known as Dust Release and quickly succeeded the two Kage before him. The Third Tsuchikage and Fourth Raikage met and discussed the actions of their previous leaders, deciding to mutually agree to stop the conflict for the time being as the villages reached a stability once more, years went by as Mikoto met a young ninja who had defected from Sunagakure named Mezon, Kengen. Although affiliated with Sunagakure, Mikoto was a forgiving man and had accepted Kengen into Iwagakure with open arms, training the latter and molding him into one of the finest shinobi of his generation. The Tsuchikage however soon realized Kengen's cold attitude towards getting revenge on Sunagakure and decided the best option was to place him with a loyalty seal to ensure he didn't act upon such foolish emotions. Kengen however, killed his partner who was attempting to plant the seal on the mission and assumed that Iwagakure betrayed him. Kengen's actions upset Mikoto but the Tsuchikage had a feeling it was going to soon happen. Time passed until the Kazekage informed the Tsuchikage that an organization called the Shantakai was going to attack both their villages, starting with Sunagakure. Iwagakure moved to defend their allies, soon finding out that Kengen was the ringleader of this powerful organization. Reaching the point of battle, Iwagakure stood along side the Sunagakure and its army, as well as the Shogun and his army. Seeming to have the upper hand until Kengen and his apprentice managed to eliminate the Shogun, the armies grew concerned so Mikoto decided he was to do what was necessary to end this now, using a secret Dust technique that he had personally developed wiping out everything in a large radius once the army had retreated. Wiping out the opposing forces, little did he know that Kengen's apprentice had made it out of the attacks zone, the Tsuchikage there on the field due to the blow back of his powerful technique, his body was never found.

A new Tsuchikage was soon crowned as he stabilized the village once more, the Fourth Earth Shadow.


Iwagakure is ruled, organised and administer by the Tsuchikage. He appoints all senior positions, makes teams and fulfills all other in character administrative functions. Mitsuo Takahiro was a rare man among shinobi that didn’t possess dominant bloodline ability but made up for it in brute strength and immense durability that allowed only the most powerful of shinobi to so much as penetrate his skin, earning him the title of “The Impenetrable Rock”. Learning from the previous Tsuchikage’s mistake, Mitsuo proceeded to raise standards of village security and trusted very view outside the village in order to protect Iwagakure from any threats that may occur due to any type of betrayal such as the one that caused the death of the last shogun. This level of politics left much room to concentrate solely on the strength of the village so The 4th Tsuchikage personally monitored the training and development of Iwagakure’s shinobi, making absolute sure that the weak were weeded out or developed into much stronger shinobi, no hesitation allowed. Though this caused the quick exhaustion of Iwagakure shinobi at first, they soon adapted to this way of life over the years, causing the shinobi to grow more powerful at a faster rate and a much higher rate of task accomplishment from clients, ultimately resulting in a higher economic status. With the passing decade , Iwagakure no Sato was soon noted for being one of the strongest of the hidden villages because of its high security and powerful shinobi yet has garnered a sense of suspicion due to its privacy and security raised to such a degree.


Anyone can become a Iwagakure Genin be making an appropriate character app. To make a Chuunin application or higher you need to acquire the consent of the Tsuchikage.


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Earth Country - Hidden Rock Village
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