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     Kurayami clan (W.I.P)

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    PostSubject: Kurayami clan (W.I.P)   Kurayami clan (W.I.P) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 14, 2011 1:25 pm

    Clan Name: Kurayami
    Location: Originates from Wind Country and moved outward
    Signature Traits:
    -Either black or white hair
    -Light or dark skinned.
    -Taijutsu Dominant
    -Large Appetite

    Kekkei Genkai:
    What particularly makes this clan unique is how effective there body is able to adapt to physical strain. A normal body, under some type of stress most of the time, is able to undergo changes that allows that person to survive in certain conditions. An example would be how a bone is able to break down after continuous usages but over time the bones begin to heal and become tougher (Osteoblasts) over time. Kami no Kuroda is a genetic mutation allowing the body to go through H.A.R or High Adaptation Rate. This is the case of H.A.R and it allows the body of the Kurayami can undergo severe physical training yet recover at a fast pace. This allows a Kurayami to have enhance physical attributes

    The training regimen of the Kurayami is considered a secret that only those who are born under the Kurayami can ever possibly master. Each regimen affects each skill level. This doesn’t particularly mean age. There are two factors that come into play. One is how fast the body is able to adapt and two is the mental fortitude of the person. Each level of the regimen was meant to break the person both physically and mentally. If one is able to survive such regimens, then one is able to continue training.

    With that being said, we can conclude that the biological systems (muscular, skeletal, nervous, circulatory, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, etc) of the body are also adaptive as well considering the fact that without all of the systems being able to adapt, it would be slightly difficult if not impossible to train the body. Because this is the case, it means that certain factors apply with a H.A.R. It means that nerve response is quicker, information leading from the eyes to the occipital lobe through responds faster, the central nervous system experiences faster response time when it comes to “fight or flight” scenarios (meaning the body is able to ‘excite’ oneself and then calm down quickly as a way not to overly produce certain hormones that’ll do more harm than good. Too much of a good thing however can produce negative results), muscles break down and rebuild quicker, and bones that go through microfractures are able to produce Osteoblast at an accelerated rate without the cost of over exhausting the cells in order to achieve healing.

    The Ingumentary system is the “slowest” when it comes to regeneration. When a cut is made, the entire process of pushing out blood, blood clotting, cell regeneration, etc the body is able to heal two times the rate of normal beings. This is by no means true accelerated healing; this is a type of healing that in between such factors of normal healing and true accelerated healing. By no means does a large wound will regenerate in two to three days times.

    The digestive system appears to be the most complex yet important aspect of the Kurayami’s Kami no Kuroda as without it, the necessary source of energy. They are able to consume a large dose of food due to the fact that they are able to burn off such food into potential energy to help the regenerative process, the immune system and endocrine systems (the digestive system does affect all of the biological systems). They take into consideration what types of foods that are able to process long and useful energy.

    They existed even before the era of the shinobi, where ninjutsu dominates the kingdom. They were before the era where samurai had been dominated and the era before that. The Kurayami were a clan of nomads. It is said that they originated in the middle continents or the shinobi continents that is known today around the bottom region of Wind Country. They were a small amount of both light skinned and dark skinned people, particularly having procreated with other clans for they were not a clan that had certain morals or laws. They were travelers of the sort, reaching from the coldest regions in snow country, to the highest peaks in Lightning Country, to the wetlands of Mist country. They spread out, not particularly joining any factions, any empire or siding with any particular side of any conflict. They are a peaceful clan, seeking to improve themselves and others as they travelled. Regardless of the separation they had, the Kurayami are a tight knitted organization that kept well within reach no matter how far any one particular group

    What made them precursors to modern taijutsu was the understanding the Kurayami are with anatomy and physiology. What is interesting is the text and drawings created solely for enhancing the physical wellness of the body. It was particular with one such Kurayami, Tai Fong, who started out to what the Kurayami with the training regimen in order for the Kurayami to seek forth physical enlightenment. Till this day, the regimen hasn’t particular change. Some of it has been tweaked and edited by particular trainers but the same is usually installed for every Kurayami.

    Though they are peaceful, some did join factions when the era of the shinobi was upon the horizon. Many of the Kurayami had gone underground or went to other countries that were not going through tribulations of war. Those that stayed within the pre-shinobi continents worked as a hired faction. Whoever paid the most, they would kill. Perhaps it did shape what the Kurayami are today but it was around this time that the Kurayami that would turn into shinobi became hired assassins and overtime a large organized group.

    In recent times, the shinobi Kurayami aren’t nomad. They do not side with villages however. They keep very secretive from the public eye. It is rare for one from the public to be fully aware of the existence of this clan. Those of the Kurayami bloodline who do choose to be in a village have their last names changed to keep this awareness fairly low to the public eye and the watchful eyes of the shinobi villages.
    Clan Jutsu:

    Name: Mushin no shin
    Rank: B-S
    Type: Supplementary, Ninjutsu
    Range: Close (0-5)
    Element: N/A
    Description: A form that the Kurayami establish in the beginning of the shinobi era. This is known as a state in which the mind and body are moving at one. The user will have over control some of the parasympathetic and sympathetic aspects of the body, thus allowing more control of the body. This will be broken down into three stages:
    Stage one:
    In its simplest form the rate at which information through the senses (hearing, tasting, smelling, touching and seeing) are transmitted and received at a faster pace. These five senses are able to remain active at a fast pace and level but the conscious mind is able to calmly and collectively receiving this information. In this state of mind, the body appears more flowing, moving with the current and unhinged with control.

    Stage Two:
    Stage two doesn’t involve the senses as much. It involves utilizing the potential of stored energy. As said, the Kurayami particular take care due to a diet of theirs. Understanding the biochemistry of food, they particularly aim for fattier foods (fattier parts of meat, grease, etc). The akimichi clan stores much of its fat and uses it to boost power at dire needs, the Kurayami only use the storage of energy as a way to recover sore muscles and nerves whenever there is a prolong combat going on. This can only used once in battle and there is a 72 hour period where the user cannot utilize this potential.

    Stage Three:
    This stage is a ‘last resort’ method in case there is a need for survival for very long lasting trips. The ideal of this part of the Mushin no shin is to “preserve” one self. The user will perform the handseals and be within a catatonic state. This state, in which the body appears lifeless and dead, will be able to conserve itself without harming the body initially. The brain will no longer signal any type of alpha or beta waves, blood will very slowly move throughout, cells go through a stasis, even chakra is so low that is ranges toward zero. In other words, the person appears dead through and through. This is not a permanent state. The limit in which the person can stay in this catatonic state is little over a month. By this time, when this time limit is over, the chakra will have recovered by them and release back through the chakra network and the biological system. When the user wakes, they are at ten percent of full power. For a faster release, there can be a second person that can revive the Kurayami via placing chakra over the sternum.
    Chakra Cost:
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    Kurayami clan (W.I.P)
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