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     The Kaneko Clan [FINISHED]

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    PostSubject: The Kaneko Clan [FINISHED]   The Kaneko Clan [FINISHED] Icon_minitimeSat Mar 12, 2011 5:52 am

    Clan Name: The Kaneko Clan
    Signature Traits:

    • Blond Hair
    • Ninjutsu Affinity
    • Very Smart [IQs of at least 125]

    Kekkei Genkai:
    Literally, Satsuwaza means the Art of Splitting or Breaking. This kekkei genkai allows members of the clan to use their chakra to split apart substances in their surroundings into more simple elements. Despite it's name, this power can also be used to join elements together. This serves many purposes, but also has many limitations on it.

    The act of splitting apart compounds in itself relies on a jutsu that saturates the area with the clan's special Satsuwaza chakra. Any of the chakra in their body can become Satsuwaza chakra, and Satsuwaza chakra can be used just like regular chakra. Once Saturated, they control their chakra on a molecular level to break apart the chemical bonds between elements in a compound. The clan user can choose the level in which chemicals are broken down. For instance, C6H12O6 Can be broken down into separate parts Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. Or, It could be broken down into 6 parts Carbon AND water (2parts hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen)

    Other Uses of this technique include concentrating elements, that is, moving them around in the air, and combining them. This can only be done with the D rank version of the technique and above. An example of a use of this is concentrating Argon in the air to dampen a fire attack (at This point, whether or not the attack is completely blocked depends on the rank of the Clan Jutsu used to form the Argon, directly relative to the rank of the fire jutsu used)

    The Range of this technique is based on the rank of the user, and the level of the technique. The Range to rank is as follows-
    (Note: AoE means Area of Effect)

    E Rank - Touch only, Objects no larger than 40 pounds
    D Rank - AoE 1 Meter
    C Rank - AoE 5 Meters
    B Rank - AoE 10 Meters
    A Rank - AoE 30 Meters
    S Rank - AoE 80 Meters

    The creation is not limited to just clumps of matter. It is indeed an artform, and a skilled user can create highly detailed creations using clan jutsu.

    There are certain limitations on what this KKG allows. They are Listed below.

    1. You must be in unobstructed contact (Skin to Skin) with a person for 10 seconds to break down the compounds inside their body
    2. For an animal, it's the same conditions but 4 seconds
    3. Base elements cannot be broken down into protons, electrons and neutrons

    The Kaneko Clan's noble Origins lie in Konohagakure, several hundred years ago. Built in the ruins of an abandoned laboratory, the Kaneko Clan lived in secret, beneath Konoha's streets. It was primarily composed of a few outlaws, who were cast out of konoha for chemical experimentation, which, at the time, was quite taboo, after the discovery of Orochimaru's dangerous and perverted experiments. Despite the poor connotations, the Kaneko clan was not a group of perverted scientists, but those dedicated to the further development of mankind through the pursuit of a better understanding of nature.

    The Leader of this clan was a man that was particularly skilled in science and ninjutsu. He was the man that would forever change the course of the Kaneko clan, by giving them their secret and little known Kekkei Genkai. In a single experimentation, he was attempting to mix a catalyst with chakra, for the purpose of chakra activated chemical reactions. In doing so, however, the catalytic energy bound itself to his chakra. After many years of training, he discovered that he could more or less turn "on" and "off" this catalytic chakra, and use it to form chemical reactions on his surroundings. The more chakra he used, the bigger reaction could be caused. He found that he could cause decomposition in the things around him, or bond already present chemicals. This ability would forever change his clan and his own destiny.

    A long time after this discovery happened, jealousy that had been building over hundreds of years was finally reaching a violent climax. The high tensions eventually led to a truly bloody battle, that lasted several weeks. Members with the bloodline fought off the blood lust filled members without the bloodline as best as they could, and eventually, numbers on both sides had been diminished to an almost negligible number, leaving both forces weakened and exhausted. The battle would come to an end when the final members of the clan would battle till the very end, with every last one of them dying. Well....almost. A single baby was saved, sent by ninja bird to Kusa, where he would grow up. A letter was sent with him, that only his chakra could open, containing the training techniques of his clan, as well as a heartfelt letter from his mother, whom he would never see.

    Clan Jutsu:

    Name: Kirema No Jutsu (Breaking Technique)
    Rank: E-S (See Above)
    Type: Clan Jutsu
    Range: Rank Specific
    Element: N/A
    Description:This Technique allows a Kaneko Clan member to split apart the bonds between compounds. The range at which they are able to do so is dependent on rank. They are not required to hold out their hands, merely concentrating their chakra is enough to use this technique, since chakra needs only to leave the body. They can control precisely how much of a substance is broken apart, or from where. An example of this is that they could break a lock with this technique, without breaking the whole door. This technique cannot be used on a human without 10 seconds of touching with both hands. The same applies for an animal, except that it is 5 seconds instead.
    Chakra Cost:

    Name:Nyuukai No Jutsu (Joining Technique)
    Type:Clan Jutsu
    Range:Rank Specific
    Description:This technique is the polar opposite of the Kirema No Jutsu. Instead of breaking apart the bonds of compounds, this technique allows the user to form new bonds. For instance, they could join the Hydrogen and Oxygen in the air to form water, or carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen together to form glucose, among many other possibilities. The same rule for humans and animals applies as it did for the Kirema No Jutsu. This jutsu does not require two different elements, it can join together congruent compounds or elements, and thus could be used to fix things.
    Chakra Cost:

    Name:Gensui No Jutsu (Decaying Technique)
    Rank: B
    Type: Clan Jutsu
    Range: 10 Meters (radius)
    Element: N/A
    Description: This jutsu spreads a Kaneko's Catalytic Chakra over an circular area with a radius of 10 meters. This catalytic chakra does more than just split or combine, however. It removes the elements critical to life, and causes rapid decomposition, accelerating the five stages of decay by rapidly increasing the rate at which they occur. In lamen's terms, this technique causes a circular area that is 20 meters in diameter to rapidly die, be it trees, plants, or animals. Live humans are extremely resistant to this, and thus it has no effect on them. It takes approximately 30 seconds to completely decompose an area, leaving nothing but gross, moldy ruin behind. This only effects living things.
    Chakra Cost:

    Name:Hozen no Jutsu (Preservation Technique)
    Rank: B
    Type: Clan Jutsu
    Range: Immediate - Contact Only
    Element: N/A
    Description: This jutsu is fairly simple in Nature. It requires only a small amount of carbon, naturally found in their air. This jutsu's purpose is to preserve a recently deceased corpse. by covering every single picometer of the body in an infinitesimally small layer of carbon, the body will not decay at all. Because of this, someone who has recently died will be able to be brought back to life later. For instance, if someone was stabbed, the Kaneko Ninja need only lay them on the ground, remove the knife, then perform this technique. They would then take them to a medic, remove the carbon, and the medic would be able to treat them as if they had just died a second ago.
    Chakra Cost:

    Name: Enkou Jijatsu No Jutsu (Fiery Suicide Technique)
    Rank: S
    Type: Clan Jutsu
    Range: 100m
    Element: Fire
    Description: This technique has only been used once in the history of the Kaneko clan. This technique spreads nearly half of the user's chakra out over a circular area that has a radius of 100m. Remaining in place, the user will concentrate all of the hydrogen from the air, the ground, and his own body as well as the oxygen in the air into this Circle. Next, the user will spread the entirety of the rest of his chakra in the form of fire chakra over the same area. with a simple flint striker, The user will create a spark which will ignite all of the hydrogen, oxygen in the air causing a massive explosion which expands nearly 50m past the radius of the circle, and nearly 50m into the air. The fire chakra that was spread across the field fuels the fire for nearly 15s, burning all that is in the area. This technique always results in the death of the user. Even the preservation technique would be ineffective, as the body couldn't be repaired at that point
    Chakra Cost:

    Name:Bakuyaku No Jutsu (Explosive Technique)
    Type:Clan Jutsu - Supplementary
    Range: N/A
    Element: N/A
    Description:This technique is used in the creation of many explosives. Quite simple, the user takes a container, usually small, and uses elements in the air to form gunpowder. This, as well as oxygen is placed inside the explosive. There are variations to this technique that create dynamite instead. There are no Atomic or Nuclear Variations.
    Chakra Cost:

    Name:Chikou No Jutsu (Armor of Blood Technique)
    Type: Clan Jutsu
    Range: N/A
    Element: N/A
    Description: This jutsu utilizes elements within one's own body. It uses An entire half of the blood supply as ingredients. First, it takes the carbon in the blood and coats the body in it, then using a mixture of calcium and nitrogen, the carbon coating is calcified, becoming as hard as steel, and as strong as diamond. On this body, there are 10 barrels on the arm filled with the excess hydrogen, oxygen and phosphorus in the blood that is used. The mixture forms an explosive projectile, triggered by fire chakra. this projectile is extremely fast, using explosive power for propulsion. The phosphorus sticks on contact and cant be put out with water, and it burns through most substances. As this technique uses half of the blood supply, this technique leaves the user delirious and exhausted after about 10 minutes.
    Chakra Cost:
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    The Kaneko Clan [FINISHED]
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