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PostSubject: FOAR BOXXY FRUM ADDI   FOAR BOXXY FRUM ADDI Icon_minitimeMon Jan 31, 2011 7:59 pm




Name: Adam.
Nicknames: Pricey, Gibbon Boy.
Age: Seventeen.
DOB: 15/10/1993.
Location: United States of Australia.


Before you even think about searching for me on a Social Network, don't. I hate that shit and you may find accounts but I do not use them very often. Ultimate Shinobi consumes most of my time on the internet, I don't need to know about that sixteen year old princess confessing her love for her boyfriend who would have finished school three years ago if he hadn't dropped out. Some say that I have little patience and at times an aggressive temper. I can only think of one think to respond to such a statement and that would be; Cool Story, Bro. I'm not overly concerned what others think about me, unless you hold an important position in my life and even still I'm willing to humiliate myself for a laugh. Through your computer screen, you might a variety of things, much like most people I have my layers, I consider myself to be a quite complex individual, my attributes can be altered to suit the situation or complement the personality of somebody I'm conversing with. I'm one of the most energetic people you will meet in real life, which makes it so easy for me to come home and relax online. I can be extremely mature, but at the same time I can be extremely immature. Personally, I prefer to just take an easy going approach filled with jokes, you will notice this with mainly remarks in this topic alone and I'm sure many of you guys and gals already knew this. If you properly earn my trust, you better do all that is in your power to stay in that circle because if you fall out of it, you will have a hell of a time to get back in. I can be extremely opinionated but in recent times I've become a lot more open minded.

Time for some shit you probably didn't know about me, or stuff I'd like to point out. I will bold the notes to make things easy on the reader. I'm colourblind which does not mean I cannot see colour, it is more or less colour confusion which means you get certain shades confused obviously. I actually wear glasses but I don't feel like I need to since I can see fine without them in my opinion so I usually don't wear them, naughty me. I fear spiders and most insects, yet am in love with the Aburame clan for reasons unknown. I'm also pretty scared of sharks and just the ocean in general. I am turned on by vaginas and consider them my sexual preference, I prefer organic in comparison to those traps they put on lady-man ladies. I have an obsession over Gibbons, probably more than any tween on this planet loves Justin Bieber or Lady GaGa. They aren't just some cool fad, they are the least studied ape today and are horribly underrated, I've considered going to study them due to their lack of attention, there would be a lot of money in that business, but no showering out there would kill me. Boxxy is my queen, hence the reference in the title, for those who don't know of Boxxy, shame on you, Youtube her immediately. I'm known for my love of Gibbons and my ritualistic mornings filled with Big M's for the many of you who won't know what that is it's an Australian Brand of Flavoured Milk, Chocolate, Ice Coffee and Banana are the best ones. 4chan is my second home on the internet, but it usually isn't as welcoming as Ultimate Shinobi so if you can't stomach disgusting things and cannot cope with being insulted, do not visit it, though there is a cooking board for those women amongst us, haha. I also have developed a recent obession for Crates. I FUCKING LOVE DUBSTEP! <3


Writing: No, really? The owner of a successful two year roleplaying forum enjoys writing?! Who knew? Well hopefully a lot of you knew, it is something I often speak about to motivate others, since to some people roleplaying is an outlet, to me however it is a passion.


Skateboarding: Though skating isn't something I can get out and do every single day now, I am still passionate about it and enjoy pushing my piece of wood up and down the streets or skate park. Skate Hard or Die.

Movies: I think that I'm a bit of a movie fanatic, I try to broaden my range and knowledge everyday and love rewatching movies to get a different feel of them each time. Combing writing with my love of movies, I think a Movie Critique would be a good career path. I'm that guy who sits behind you in the Cinemas and when you ask your friends or partner who that actor or actress is, I lean forward creepily and whisper their name into your ear, along with a few movies they have been in. I've actually done this four times and it even introduced me to a chick who I ended up having a fair bit of fun with. ;D

Swimming: I'm not really a champion swimmer because I have poor lungs therefore can endure the method a swimmer undergoes while doing laps. My ability to glide through the water for a short amount of time however cannot be matched and I love being in pools, I can ever cope with the beach, despite fearing open water and it's inhabitants. I guess I'm a Sprint Swimmer? Haha.

Women: Is it sad that I have to clarify this? Maybe. Is it funny that I classify Women as an activity? Maybe. I love Women, especially ones who have amazing personalities and at the same time are incredibly attractive, they are out there guys. For those males who like other males, please note I accept your way of life and believe every one is free to love who they choose. Personally, I just prefer the taco but you're free to keep loving all the sausage you want, I support you. <3

Favourite Colour: Navy Blue.
Favourite Animal: Gibbon.
Favourite Beverage: Big M Chocolate.
Favourite Alcoholic Beverage: Smirnoff Double Blacks.
Favourite Sports: Australian Rules, Badminton, Ping Pong.
Favourite Naruto Character: Shino Aburame, obviously.
Favourite TV Shows: Dexter, Supernatural, Chuck.
Favourite School Subjects: English, Psychology.
Favourite Youtubers: sxephil, Kassem G, KevinTThoms.
Favourite Movies: Inglorious Basterds, Kick Ass, Zombieland, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Saw, Reservoir Dogs, Inception, The Hangover.
Favourite Actresses: Yvonne Strahovski, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
Favourite Actors: Christoph Waltz, Jason Stathham, Ryan Reynolds, Michael C. Hall, Bill Hader.
Favourite Director/Writer: Quentin Tarantino.
Favourite Video Games: DJ Hero, Left For Dead 2, Call of Duty Series, Assassins Creed Series.
Favourite Bands: Parkway Drive, Pendulum, A Day To Remember, Powderfinger, The Lonely Island.


On the twentieth of January, 2009 a young Australian lad under the name of Makio registered on Naruto Revolution. Like many who joined, I was looking for a Naruto MMORPG, nothing like this text-based shit I stumbled upon but I decided not to knock it until I tried it so I PMed the only other person on at the time, a member of the Akatsuki called Robin, you might know him now as Dan. I spoke to Dan, asking him how the hell the site worked, he patiently explained it to me as we exchanged PM's late that night. I eventually got enough pointers and made an Academy Student, my first little Aburame and fell into the capable arms of Shyke, who was the head Academy teacher at the time. As I graduated to Genin, Shyke was promoted to Jounin and soon after I was placed into a squad with him, not before I whipped a few asses in some spars mind you. Rockboy was the second Genin in the squad and the third was a female named Fujino Nara if I'm not mistaken who went inactive early. Working as a three man cell. We were quite an active squad, although I remained on Ingoo it didn't take me long to create my own site, which was named something I thought was going to be temporary. This 'project' was created on the third February 2009 not only by me, but by one of my former sparring opponents named Taiga, who went on to be known as Todd. Todd and I quickly got a hold of Dan and the three of us began constructing this small newbie site that skyrocketed in members quickly, hitting fifty members in no time. Ultimate Shinobi's name got spread around and the member base began increasing dramatically. I had people named Hailstorm and Jiro registered who went on to be known as Matthew and Hugh, future administrators of Ultimate Shinobi and over time the sites overall quality improved, as well as my own. Soon actually deserving that Hokage title I held roleplaying was an absolute passion of mine, writing was an absolute passion.

Soon after, one of the administrators on 1.0 had their accounts seized, which was used to delete the forums boards. Although it was all easily, it gave the administrators the drive to do what we had planned, create Ultimate Shinobi 2.0! Quickly doing this we managed to create quite a website, although around its creation my computer died and forced me into hiatus, having to rely on the other staff members to complete and open the site accordingly, which they did pretty well as activity shot up on 2.0, with a few downfalls here and there. The plot was slow but we eventually got some decent activity going. Because I wasn't there for the creation, I missed adding certain aspects and systems that I wished to, but adding and changing large things with an active member base is no easy task. With Dan quitting roleplaying to concentrate on school and Todd and I going our separate ways, the foundation that was Ultimate Shinobi felt destroyed to me. Building the site with them, made them as much as an 'Ultimate Shinobi' as I am. I will be honest, I contemplated leaving, passing on the head administrator role to Hugh. I considered taking an extended leave. I considered many things. In the end, I remembered what I stand by, roleplaying and writing; they are my passions not my outlets. I need to continue, I wanted to continue. This brings us to where we are now, instead of shifting a member base to a new site. We just updated Ultimate Shinobi 2.0, essentially making it a new site on the same domain, hence why it is now called Ultimate Shinobi 2.5! This is my journey, it has had twists and turns but it is just how it is, to be able to take those hits and keep pushing through is what I'm proud of, everything will eventually work out some way or another, all I can do is keep writing until my fingers and hands are mangled, haha.

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