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 Ultimate Shinobi's Law

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PostSubject: Ultimate Shinobi's Law   Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:58 pm


Welcome to Ultimate Shinobi 2.0, one of the best Naruto Roleplaying websites on the internet. Our activity, roleplaying caliber and overall warming environment has been constructed through the rules the members are required to follow and the staff are required to enforce. These rules are available for everybody to read which means there should not be an excuse to break them. Rules weren't made to be broken, these rules weren't carefully structured to have you disregard and/or disobey them. Please abide by them to the best of your abilities, or risk suffering a variety of consequences.

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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Shinobi's Law   Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:58 pm


Everybody is different on this environment that is considered a family or a home to some. We cannot force you all to accept other peoples views or opinions but we can make you tolerate it. If you are going to openly express hate and discrimination against another persons site it is advised that you take your business elsewhere or keep it to yourself. Ageism, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Xenophobia or any other form of discrimination that is considered offensive will not be tolerated by the staff. Nobody shall be discriminated against because of their race, age, gender, religion or whether they are homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual. Humorous insults may be expressed from member to member on occasion which could be considered an offense from an outsiders party, if this is the case please express your discomfort to the parties before taking it up with an administrator if you did not receive the desired response.

Treat others as you want them to treat you because what goes around comes around, if you are going to be obnoxious, rude, aggressive and excessively arrogant and then ask why you are no respected, the it should be apparent that it is because you are not respecting others yourself. This can be one of the most abused rules but not that it can be pushed banishment from the site. If a staff member believes you are unwelcoming towards new members, then it is you who is truly unwelcome. To ensure you don't accidentally disrespect somebody; try to avoid topics such as religion, suicide, terminal illness, sexual tendencies, politics and anything else that could upset a fellow member.

An obvious extension to the rule displayed above. First and foremost, the staff are not here to hold you down, they are here to get you approved as quickly as possible to start your roleplaying experience, therefore they do not appreciate reviewing your applications to be yelled at. Every administrator and moderator sacrifices their own free time to make sure everything runs smoothly. Do not argue with a staff member because their word will usually be final, if you truly have an issue take it up with an administrator but watch your approach because they will not tolerate you badmouthing their teammates and have the right to deny your plea for that reason alone. Do not harass any staff member to check any of your applications or anything to that matter, ask once maybe twice; that is all. Also, if you are not a staff member, do not post on another members application even if it was requested this is insulting to the staff since it is their job to do so, not yours. In the end, administrators have the final say on everything on the forum, do not try to fight with them especially in regards to the rules. Every time you think to contradict an administrator on the rules, remember who created them.

One of our strictest rules and probably the one taken the most seriously. Plagiarism can be summarized as the act of presenting another's work or ideas as their own. In the Open Database items may be open to members but this only applies to Ultimate Shinobi's and therefore cannot be used on sites except our own unless permission has been granted from the creator. All Canon Created Jutsu on the site are property of Naruto and its creator Masashi Kishimoto, however these will all most likely be direct write-ups from the staff based on the Canon technique to fit a roleplaying involvement therefore should not be used outside of Ultimate Shinobi as well. Strict penalties apply if this rule is broken, it could actually be considered a criminal offense; capable of a lawsuit and will ruin your reputation among Naruto roleplayers and be reported to Forum Motion. For a detailed look on Ultimate Shinobi's copyright right information please click HERE.

Certain aspects of the Naruto series has been adapted into Ultimate Shinobi, the characters themselves are not a part of them however and there is not to be any links to them, any relation, reference or creation of characters from the Naruto series. Overall, you shouldn't be creating any Canon character from any show, I mean; is it that hard to create your own name and personality? Creativity is key, don't be slack; that's not fair on the staff members that have to moderate your applications.

Now this rule is not implying you cannot act immature in a playful manor, immaturity of that sort is something that can be consistent in a variety of ways. However, if you are capable of browsing the internet, register to the site and even roleplay at our standards, then you have the ability to act mature. Unnecessary disputes shouldn't even begin to spur, they shouldn't occur, period. Being excessively inappropriate would be something we wouldn't like to see. This includes such things as offensive or confusing usernames, an example of a confusing username would be having the '@' symbol which is recognized in the chatbox as a symbol of authority. Also the use of symbols that will glitch you from being banned. Spam would also fall under this rule, there will be a designated area for Forum Games, but other than that Spam will not be permitted, this should include double posting which should be avoided at all costs. This should be considering as an easily understood rule, don't do something that will warrant us to ban you, and you won't really be breaking it.

First and foremost, we are obviously based around the English language, if you come from a location where you fail to speak English, unless you have an impeccable translation program then this might not be the place for you. If English isn't your first language and you show potential to actually become what we would consider as a literate English Naruto roleplayers than we will be patient with you, but once again, this site may not be for. Unless you are quite literate with English, we would advise you to look for a Forum that will fit your standards easier or pick up English quickly, haha. In regards to indecent language, we like to consider ourselves as a mature member base, which means in character we can tolerate some controlled foul language, however in regards to insulting a member to belittle them with an aggressive nature or intention, this isn't permitted and it would be best to overall avoid such words in the chatbox, though we are aware that it will happen, just don't overdo it.

Large images are something that can effect the whole forum layout believe it or not, they are capable of stretching pages, this includes signatures, avatars and just generally any picture posted. If an image is overly big in a topic please restrain it with a spoiler or an image resizing code. Avatar sizes are recommend to be 100x100, nice neat and presentable. Signatures should be at maximum 550x150, anything exceeding this can be removed by the staff without hesitation or warning. We promote all members to have a signature and avatar however, we think they look pretty and promote artist skill.

Created by Adam ©
Additional Contributers: N/A
Property of Ultimate Shinobi. ©
All Rights Reserved. ©

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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Shinobi's Law   Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:32 pm


Simple enough to understand, all the applications templates were carefully constructed by the staff and for this reason we do not appreciate people altering it or it's coding to make it more their style or add something they believe should be in there. If you are caught doing this you will not be approved until it is returned to the proper format we have provided you, just let it be it won't be the end of the world.

Chances are we won't be permitting second characters on Ultimate Shinobi this time around, because lets be honest, for the most part it doesn't work out. What we suggest is you make sure the character you make is something you will be happy with long-term which will allow you to build on it for the future. Do not ever create a second account or character without two administrators approval; which should be for a plot line if anything, unless proper rules are brought in allowing multiple accounts and characters then there should be no reason to permit them.

This time around, proper steps have been taken to ensure combat is balanced and controlled, without limiting much creativity. Some of you will not be used to it but we promise you it will be as simple as we can make it to ensure everything is both fair and fun, for a in depth look at Ultimate Shinobi's combat rules and chakra system click HERE.

All roleplaying threads are open unless expressed otherwise. If you do not wish for somebody to join your thread, specify it with [Private] in the topic title or any variant like the [P] The open of having topics with No Killing or No Fighting has been revoked because we think that it should be permitted if a proper reason is warranted, but in saying that somebody wishing to go around and cause havoc in villages should be concerned about the retaliation of the villages stronger shinobi and Kages. As for the amount of threads permitted, we usually will not permit a maximum of two threads, which can be a mission/event and a social roleplay, or just two social roleplays. However locations should be brought into picture, if you are in a mission in a distant country than you shouldn't be having a social thread back home. The time of these threads is key as well, you obviously cannot be in two places at once so be logical when it comes to when the thread is occurring in your characters storyline.

All roleplays should firstly have a posting order, which for those who may not but should know is an order set between members to determine who posts when. The posting order should usually be established by the topic creator and should be a commitment throughout an entire topic unless it is required to be broken. On top of this double posting should not occur in a roleplaying thread whatsoever, unless of course you're training jutsu by yourself. Out of character messages should be kept to a minimum, private messaging is there for more than one reason and that can be one of them. Finally, the word count expectancy, please not these are a bare minimum and we expect you all to strive to surpass them with ease. We find it best if you write your roleplays in paragraphs of five to seven or eight sentences as opposed to just a few lines each, we want your posts to look as clean as possible and stretching them out does not achieve that.

    Shinobi RankWords
    Kage/S Rank650+

One thing we hate is the increasing numbers of suicidal shinobi, not only because it is strictly against a Ninja's Way in character but it turns out to be more work for our staff having to moderate another whole character because somebody couldn't make up their mind. We firstly advise that when you create a character, you make sure it will be one you will stick with. Avoiding certain death in a battle is considered God Modding. Failure to post in a thread where your character is in a potentially dangerous or fatal situation an lead to your character being declared dead if it is left for an extended time without a valid excuse. Moving on to the most common occurrence Suicide, which is mostly portrayed as the taking of ones own life due to emotional instability. We don't promote this, however there are many other creative ways to kill off a character without falling under a suicide penalty. Such as taking a fatal blow to protect a comrade, killing yourself to ensure the death of an opponent and so on. When somebody is killed or suicides it will be reviewed, the generic suicide will fall victim to the Genin rule, which means if you kill off your character than you must make a Genin regardless of your previous rank. Kamikaze shinobi may bypass this rule if deemed acceptable. This rule may be wavered if an administrator permits it for a substantial reason.

Every approved member is expected to have a link to their application in their signature. This benefits not only the staff when it comes to finding your application and updating it, but your fellow member base when wishing to easily locate your application. This is mandatory, not optional, however there are a few ways to go about it, our favourite way would be a neat and stylish signature for your character which would link us to your application but simplicity works and by merely all you have to do is get your applications web address, the examples can be seen below.


Created by Adam ©
Additional Contributers: Hugh ©
Property of Ultimate Shinobi. ©
All Rights Reserved. ©

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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Shinobi's Law   Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:59 pm


You can easily refer to the Forum Behavior rule regarding Language to understand what the idea of this rule would be, it will be tolerated but only to an extent, all in all it should be avoided. Profane behavior is an extension that is not limited to profane language, anything over the top that would be considered an aggressive insult or rude behavior should be avoided.

Some people alter their fonts, sizes and colours in the chatbox, this is permitted but to an extent. Don't make something unreadable, be appropriate with your fonts and colours, be considerate. Not everybody's eyes may be as focused as you and some people actually suffer from colourblindness and have trouble distinguishing the difference certain shades. As for size, we would not recommend anything bigger than the standard size you aren't permitted to go beyond a size 9.

Advertising is a privilege, and I don't just say that on Ultimate Shinobi. If a site lets you freely promote your site on theres then the least you can do is follow their rules. We don't have an advertising board tickle your funny bone, it is there to display your advertisements. The chatbox, is not the place for this, advertisements go to the advertisements board, is that too much to ask?

Recognize that what you are comfortable with expressing and talking about, may not comfort the people around you. If you love back to the Forum Behavior rule regarding Respect you will see to requests that everybody tries to avoid topics such as religion, suicide, terminal illness, sexual tendencies, politics and anything else that could upset a fellow member. People should always be considerate towards another persons feelings and understand them to an extent.

You are responsible and liable for all your activities. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a trial that may result in your banning. This could be as small as a sentence or as big as impersonating an administrator, moderator or any member in fact.

Created by Adam ©
Additional Contributers: N/A
Property of Ultimate Shinobi. ©
All Rights Reserved. ©
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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Shinobi's Law   

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Ultimate Shinobi's Law
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